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Week 3 SC 2024

Written By: Vinay Rao


Hello Parents and Students,

We are now through week 3 of the summer camp! Since the last update, students finished the maze challenge (which incorporated building, programming, and driver control skills), which had some really innovative programs - check those out in the google photos album. Throughout the lessons, students learned about lifts (i.e. scissor lifts, linkages such as 4-bars and 6-bars, chain bars, etc.) and got more tips for approaching the design process. We introduced the final VEX IQ Official Ringmaster challenge as well, and students began iterating a preliminary design to build and test.

Students programming with sensors

Students getting ready for the Maze Challenge

Team completed the Maze!

Families are invited for our final summer camp mini-challenge tournament: Ringmaster. It will take place on 7/12 (Friday), starting from 9:30 AM and going up until the rest of the session (at 12 PM). The session itself will start at the normal time of 8 AM, but families are invited at 9:30 AM, which is when we will start the tournament. For that day, we request and hope to see all the students wearing their summer camp t-shirts that we distributed last week. If there is anyone who has not gotten theirs, please send me an email or let me know in-person. I will send an email reminder next Thursday (7/11) around 12 PM with this information.

If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to me at and submit feedback here.


Vinay Rao (Activities Coordinator & Summer Camp Director)

DVHS Robotics Club, est. 2007

More information at

Find us on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter @dvhs.robotics

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