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Review the pathways below to find out how YOU can be involved!

5th to 8th Grade Summers

DVHS Robotics Summer Camp
Join us in our annual VEX IQ Summer Camp, where you can learn all about STEM and robotics from trained professionals. Our world championship qualifying mentors teach students through interactive lessons and hands-on projects and competitions. Rising 6th to 9th graders are eligible and registrations close on May 30th (maybe earlier, depending on signup availability).


9th or 10th Grade

Novice Program
This is a competitive year-long program for DVHS Freshmen and Sophomores that has an acceptance rate of 25-40%. It's facilitated by our Directors of Education, who create lessons and tournament challenges while teaching VEX V5 (the newest system). Students who make it through both semester-long parts of the program are usually placed on one of the competitive teams and have lots of fun throughout this process. Most accepted individuals are 9th graders.

Summer Camp

9th to 12th Grade

Competitive Teams
Making it onto (and staying on) the competitive teams is a great accomplishment because of the extreme competitiveness and time commitment. Members spend 20-30+ hours per week and go to 5-7 tournaments per season.

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Club Structure

Club Structure

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