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Week 2 SC 2024

Written By: Vinay Rao


Hello Parents and Students,

The past 2 weeks have been quite eventful! Since the last update, students finished the sprocket league (robot soccer) mini-challenges and participated in their tournaments. Students have also begun planning for the maze challenge, where each team builds robots to navigate through a predetermined maze using driver control and autonomous programming while detouring to certain checkpoints for extra points. All the while, students learned about the 6 simple machines, basic physics concepts (gear ratios, compound gearing), how to approach robot designing, and VEXcode programming.

Sprocket League Match

Team 2 Sprocket League Robot

Just as a reminder, please bring your own snack from home so you can rejuvenate during break. We will NOT be allowing anyone to go to the vending machines from now on, so please keep this in mind. Additionally, please make sure you are showing on time every day. It is unfair to those who show up on time that you show up late, as this delays the lesson plan for the day and causes those who come on time to wait for long.

During the rest of the summer camp, we will finish the maze challenge and focus on our main challenge: VEX IQ Official Game Ringmaster. Parents and families are invited to watch the tournament on Friday, 7/12, for which more details will be sent later. As always, feel free to reach out to me at and submit feedback at


Vinay Rao (Activities Coordinator)

Summer Camp Director

DVHS Robotics Club, est. 2007

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