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DVHS Robotics

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Spreading quality STEM education to hundreds in our community, and inspiring countless more

since 2007!

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Our mission

is to teach local

middle and high

schoolers about

robotics through hands-on and 

interactive activities where they

can explore the fundamentals of

engineering with proper guidance, which will inspire most to follow a STEM-related career in the future.

Connecting Dots


The Dougherty Valley High School Robotics Club provides extracurricular education in robotics and engineering to students. Our student-run club was founded in 2007 with the goal of inspiring interests in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. Since then, we've participated in dozens of tournaments, won well over 100 awards, and have consistently gone to world championships. We run 3 yearlong programs in our local community - boost, novice, and competitive teams. Boost provides feeder middle schools (GRMS and WRMS) with materials to begin learning VEX Robotics and puts them in line for our novice program, where DVHS freshmen and sophomores learn in-depth VEX concepts in a structured way. The competitive teams are the club's most elite aspect, where members apply their knowledge as they progress through regional, state, and world championships. We also run 2 annual events, which are open to individuals in the Bay Area and Northern California: the summer camp (where Bay Area middle school students learn robotics through VEX IQ) and our annual tournament (for NorCal VRC teams to compete at the regional level). If you're interested in joining, click the link below.

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4 Competitive Teams

Our 4 competitive teams, each with close to 10 members, apply their knowledge from the Novice program to compete in tournaments. We work closely together and share a common passion for robotics.

Oldest and most experienced DV team. Has won dozens of awards within VEX.

One of the most successful and competitive DVHS teams, qualifying to worlds nearly every year and winning several awards since its creation in 2015 

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Starting off in 2011 we are an extremely successful team winning over 30+ awards in our lifetime even becoming Division Champions at the Worlds Competition!


We originate from the earliest DVHS Robotics teams, carrying their knowledge and success as a new team debuting for the 2022-2023 season.


Instagram @dvhs.robotics

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