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Week 1 SC 2023

Updated: Aug 9, 2023

Newsletter: June 2023 Edition Written By: Vinay Rao

Date: June 16th, 2023


Week 1 Update

Hello Parents and Students,

I am glad to announce that we have successfully finished week 1 of the 2023 DVHS Robotics Summer Camp. A few updates and reminders as we finish off this week and begin more!

  • Over the past 2 sessions, students were introduced to the applications of robotics and received a live demonstration from the DVHS Robotics competitive teams that excelled at this year's VEX World Championships. Students also formed teams, finished building clawbots, learned about the engineering process, got introduced to block programming, and began preparing for our first mini-challenge (Sumo Bots)! We will continue to send weekly email updates on Fridays at 2 pm starting 6/16.

Live Demonstration from competitive teams!

Students learning what parts to use for building clawbots!

  • Photos have been and will continue to be uploaded to this google photos album within 1 day of each session for you to see what your children are learning!

  • We have distributed the student summer camp t-shirts in the first session on 6/12

  • Our mentors are enforcing the safety contract, which will be followed by all the students and mentor to ensure a smooth running for the summer camp. We expect all students to be respectful to DVHS Staff and Summer Camp Mentors, as well as their peers. All students are expected to be aware of the equipment they are using.

  • The sign-out policy, where parents who opted in must physically sign out their child from room 4201 at 12:00 pm every session, was and will continue to be used. If you have opted in, your child's name will be highlighted in red in this spreadsheet. If you would like to change this preference or add names to the approved adults for sign-out list, please reply to this email and the sheet will be updated.

  • As a reminder, we cannot offer partial or full amount refunds for any reason (i.e. COVID-related absences, pre-booked vacation absences, etc.). This policy was stated on the DVHS webstore and is written under FAQ #6 on the summer camp page. Our club has implemented this policy for this and past years since our club funds are managed by the school, which limits our control over these sorts of issues.

Some of the knowledge-related skills taught at our camp could be individually learned at home or through other programs, however, ours offers one where students take away more than just design, building, and programming knowledge. They learn about real-life design and testing processes - most paid summer camps and programs hand student parts, give them step-by-step instructions, and have heavy mentor interference. Instead of doing this, we work through the troubleshooting process with the students; whenever a problem arises, we explain what is happening and why, showing them ways to work around it to reach a solution. That is essential not only in STEM fields but in real life, which is why we are glad to be helping students with this.

If you have any questions or concerns, please don't hesitate to reach out to us at either or Our club and mentors are always looking for ways to improve our summer camp - if you have any suggestions, we would be glad to hear them!


Vinay Rao (Assistant Activities Coordinator)

DVHS Robotics Club, est. 2007

More information at

Find us on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter @dvhs.robotics


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