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Spin Up Recap

Written By: Adarsh Sheth

June 1, 2023


Hi Members, Parents, and Alumni,

On behalf of cabinet, we'd like to thank everyone for putting in hard work that led to a very successful season this past year. It was an adamant time with some of our club’s highest highs and our lowest lows. This past year, Novice excelled with an improved curriculum and a record number of applications due to the work of our ADOES/DOES and competitive members who volunteered. Continuing on with our competitive season, it went terrific as 5776A and 5776K went on to world championships.

We would like to formally introduce everyone to the 2023-2024 Vex Robotics Season Over Under! As your 23-24 season officer group, we would like to welcome all new members to our competitive program. The development stage of our novice program recently ended and all members excelled with outstanding presentations and results at the novice tournament. They have moved onto one of the 4 competitive teams (A, E, K, T), where they will work with other members to begin the design and strategy process for the 2023-2024 VEX Robotics Season: Over Under! Look through the game video and manual for more information. Good luck to all teams starting off this season. If there are any questions about the upcoming competitions, club decisions, or anything in general please reach out to us through or fill out the anonymous tip line for any concerns.


Cabinet 2023

Cabinet Role



Akarsh Sharma

Vice President

Taneesh Matharasi


Adarsh Sheth


Sahith Panchumarthy

Director of Education 1

Naks Gupta

Director of Education 2

Riyana Malhotra

Assistant Director of Education 1

Vincent Aquino

Assistant Director of Education 2

Abhinav Shah

Activities Coordinator

Bhavya Mehrotra

Assistant Activities Coordinator

Vinay Rao

Public Relations

Bhavana Maram


2022-2023 Competitive Season Recap

5776A qualified to states from skills and won the Innovate Award @ Tracy States, qualifying to worlds
5776E won the Build Award @ Battle of the Bay and the Excellence @ Tri-Valley #2, qualifying to states
5776K qualified to states from the Design Award @ Battle of the Bay and qualified to worlds from the Innovate Award @ Tracy States
5776T qualified to states from the Tournament Champion Award @ DRC #1
5776X qualified to states from skills

Season Photos:

Worlds Recap

  • 5776A went 6-4 in qualification matches and ranked 25/80

  • 5776K went 4-6 in qualification matches and ranked 53/96

Worlds was a blast; although none of our teams made it to the dome, they learned a lot and had fun. We'll be back at Worlds next year and will do even better.



Novice Recap

Novice is a year-long program taught by our club's directors and assistant directors of education consisting of 2 stages. In the first semester, students learn basic engineering concepts and VEX subsystems to apply to a basic game. In the development stage of the program (semester 2), students move on to building more advanced robots for a customized VEX game.



Important Announcements

  • The 2023 Summer Camp is just around the corner. We're excited to begin on June 12th with our 40 participating students!

  • We need donations (company-match if possible) to fund our 4 competitive teams and novice. Please contribute as this will allow students to be better prepared for their future competitive careers. This will be coordinated with team captains.

  • Our club is open to company sponsorships. Visit our sponsors page for more information.

  • We will tentatively be hosting our 13 annual robotics tournament on October 27th and 28th (setup will be on the 27th and 28th). Agendas, venues, team registration, and more information will be available on the tournament page soon.


Good Luck to all teams in Over Under. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to email

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