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March 2018

Written By: Shirlyn Prabahar

Edited By: Adarsh Sheth

March 4, 2018


Dear DVHS Robotics members and parents,

Here’s what we’ve been doing since our last newsletter! If there are any questions about the upcoming competitions, club decisions or anything in general please reach out to us through School Loop – Loopmail, or contact us through



5776A qualified to VEX World Champions as State Finalists
5776T qualified to VEX World Champions as State Finalists
5776E qualified to VEX World Champions as Skills Champions

Important Announcements

  • Chaperones

    • We are now required to have 15:1 student to chaperone ratio

    • Please keep this in mind as you make arrangements for tournaments

    • This ratio increases to 10:1 for Worlds, as it is an overnight trip

  • Leaving Tournaments

    • Drivers will now be required to wait for all teams before leaving at the end of the tournament, regardless of whether or not the team is still in competition

    • This is an effort to foster club unity as well as ensure the safety of all club members

  • Club Feedback Form

    • In an effort to increase club communication and help club members be a part of important club decisions, we have decided to dedicate the first 20 minutes of every cabinet meeting to addressing any feedback or concerns from our members

    • Team captains and club members are encouraged to attend and welcome to sit in on the rest of the cabinet meeting as well

    • Furthermore, if you are unable to attend the meeting and have any suggestions or feedback for the club, please fill out this form:

    • We will address your feedback at the next meeting.

  • DVHS Robotics Summer Camp

    • The annual DVHS Robotics Summer Camp sign-ups are now open

    • The DVHS Robotics Summer Camp teaches essential engineering and programming principles to introduce middle school students to these fascinating topics

    • This year, we’ve also opened up an advanced session for those who have attended the camp in previous years

    • If you know any middle school students that are interested, please let them know about this amazing opportunity!

  • Developmental Teams Update

    • Our developmental team program is going successfully, with 22 dedicated members working to create robots for our current season

    • We will be hosting two tournaments for the developmental teams to participate in, one at the end of March, and the other at the beginning of May

    • Our developmental team members will go on to become official competitive members at our drafting session on May 25th

  • Worlds Chaperones

    • We are currently in need of chaperones for VEX Worlds

    • Clearance to volunteer for an overnight trip takes roughly one month; therefore, we need parents to start the process now in order for teams to attend Worlds

    • All chaperones that volunteer to attend VEX Worlds will only pay half of the total cost including plane tickets, hotel rooms, and food

    • If you are interested or have any questions, please contact Yash Potdar at

  • Upcoming Events

    • March 27th: Development Teams Tournament

    • April 10th, 13th, 17th, 20th, 27th: Competitive Teams End-of-Year Test

    • April 20th, 27th: Developmental Teams End-of-Year Test

    • April 24th-29th: VEX Worlds

    • May 18th: Draft for 2018-19 Competitive Teams (tentative)

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