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February 2019

Updated: Jun 5, 2022

Written By: Nathan Jayanthan

Edited By: Adarsh Sheth

February 23, 2019


Dear DVHS Robotics members and parents,

We are pleased to inform everyone that all of our DVHS teams have qualified to the State competitions! Great job to all the teams for their hard work and perseverance, good luck at states everyone! If there are any questions about the upcoming competitions, club decisions or anything in general please reach out to us through School Loop – Loopmail, or contact us through



All 5776 Teams have qualified to States 2019
Dev Teams are in progress and are currently learning Robot C along with CAD skills

Important Announcements

  • We need donations for Dev Teams! In order to hold meetings for Dev Teams we must pay for staff supervision, and this cannot be done without donations. Please donate through the DVHS webstore so meetings will not have to be cancelled.

  • With Worlds coming up our cabinet is finalizing details surrounding the trip; we have selected Springhill Suites as our hotel.

  • For the 2019-2020 season we have decided to host two home tournaments at DVHS.

  • Our Summer Camp registration is currently open – don’t the miss early bird discount!

    • This summer camp is a place in which middle school students can explore robotics through VEX IQ. This camp allows them to not only meet other with similar interests but also exposes them to important team, technical and problem-solving skills. Students design and build robots to complete various tasks and compete with other teams while being mentored by DVHS Robotics members.


How Members are Involved

Current members have applied and been selected to intern current cabinet members as candidates for their position next year. Interns are given various tasks to familiarize themselves with the jobs they will be completing if they receive the role. Competitive team members have also been stopping by at the Dev Team meetings after school to help the students, expose to incoming members to possible roles on competitive teams and provide expertise in specific aspects to allow the Dev Teams to learn as much as possible so they are ready to compete.

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