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December 2019

Updated: Jun 5, 2022

Written By: Nathan Jayanthan

Edited By: Adarsh Sheth

December 3, 2019


Dear DVHS Robotics members and parents,

We are pleased to report that our home tournament went very well, thanks to all the help of the volunteers and members. Good luck to all the teams on qualifying to states! If there are any questions about the upcoming competitions, club decisions, or anything in general please reach out to us through School Loop – Loopmail, or contact us through


5776T - Qualified to States
5776E - Design Award
5776A - Skills Finalist

Important Announcements

  • We need donations for V5! VEX has updated the system that their robot works on. Competitive teams have upgraded to the new system, but in order to refresh the novice systems, we need your donations. Please contribute as this will allow students to be better prepared for their future competitive careers.

  • Novice is coming to an end, testing is coming up for Novice members to make it into Dev teams next semester.

  • Novice is also hosting their tournament on Friday the 13th, competitive members are welcome to join for the final novice meeting and watch the competition.

  • The next tournament, Vanden, is on the 8th of December and will be the final tournament of the semester.


How Members are Involved

Members had the opportunity to volunteer at our home tournament and see how everything was run. Competitive members are also welcomed to come and work with the novice students and help prepare the novice for competition.

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