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December 2017

Updated: Jun 5, 2022

Written By: Cameron Hui

Edited By: Marcus Hsieh

December 21, 2017


Dear DVHS Robotics members and parents,

The DVHS Robotics Tournament overall ran successfully — we give a huge thank you to all of our volunteers! We owe our success to all our parent and student volunteers who donated their time and effort to make sure the event ran smoothly. If there are any questions about the upcoming competitions, club decisions, or anything in general please reach out to us through or fill out the anonymous tip line for any concerns.



5776T has qualified to State Championships from the Excellence Award from the DVHS Robotics tournament

Important Announcements

  • DVHS Robotics Summer Camp:

    • The annual DVHS Robotics Summer Camp sign-ups are now open. The DVHS Robotics Summer Camp teaches essential engineering and programming principles to introduce middle school students to these fascinating topics. This year, we’ve also opened up an advanced session for those who have attended the camp in previous years. If you know any middle school students that are interested, please let them know about this amazing opportunity!

  • Novice:

    • As the Novice program comes to a close, the Directors of Education would like to thank all of the Novice members for their great work and dedication throughout this semester! We are beginning the selection process for our Developmental Teams, which will begin during the second semester. These teams will be making robots for the current season’s game, In the Zone, and will focus on learning how to function as a regular competitive team. The results will be emailed to Novice members over winter break.

  • We need donations (company-match if possible). Please contribute as this will allow students to be better prepared for their future competitive careers.

  • Upcoming Events:

    • December 9th: Vanden Tournament

    • December 30th: Google Tournament

    • January 13th: Dublin Tournament

    • January 20th: Tracy Tournament


How Members are Involved

Members are currently attending team meetings and improving the design of their robots. Members volunteered at the DVHS Robotics Tournament to learn about how a tournament runs and help ensure that the tournament runs smoothly. All members of each team attended the recent tournament at DVHS Robotics Tournament. Thanks to all competitive members who have helped the novice students with their robots.

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