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Robotics Webinar


This program is currently in the planning/development stage. Stay tuned for more information. Signups are expected to begin in Fall 2022.

Annual Learning Program

Students will be taught by DVHS Robotics Club members who have world-class robotics experience in designing, building, and programming advanced robots. We have consistently been one of the top robotics clubs in the state and we have had 10 teams (and counting!) qualify for the VEX World Championships over the past 15 years.

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Registration Instructions

Sign up using the following google form (currently closed).

Safety Contracts

Safety Contacts
Why Join?

BOOST: About

BOOST is a program where students learn about building, programming, and CADing (computer-aided design) with VEX V4. The simple system is a great way to get started in learning STEM and robotics. Members spend 4 hours a week for the first semester to plan, design, build, and code a robot design. This program is a runner-up to novice; members of BOOST are more inclined to get accepted to novice.

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BOOST: Apply!


  • WRMS or GRMS student

  • Time commitment ~4 hours/week

  • Interest in STEM!

Applications are currently closed. They will open at the start of the fall semester - stay tuned!

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